World’s top 3 luxury brand utilizes power of Computer Vision and AI to enhance customer experience, design creation, and product discoverability

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World’s leading luxury fashion house wanted to create new designs by quickly and easily comparing it visually to designs and products developed previously. They also wanted to find out prior sales performance data to make critical business decisions and improve customer experience by matching personal preferences.


ElectrifAi leveraged deep learning techniques to extract essential product features such as style, material, color, and any other key identifiers. Through image preprocessing methods, we made sure the image results are precise, stable and well suited to all kinds of situations. We automated the entire process of feature extraction which was earlier done manually by store reps, eliminating human error and biases. In addition, we assembled models such as Knowledge Graph, Collaborative Filtering, CLIP and Convolutional Autoencoders together for product similarity matching.


overall precision achieved
recall for product similarity matching
Demonstrated high correlation to product similarity as defined by business, helping find the most relevant products quickly and easily