Improved animal welfare with higher accuracy and consistency while reducing costs by 50% over human video watchers

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A large dairy farm wanted to monitor stress levels in cows to ensure their welfare, especially during human-animal interaction, loading, unloading, sleeping, feeding, birth, euthanasia and more. The aim was to do an objective assessment of animal welfare that is consistent and accurate, with 24x7 coverage instead of hiring human watchers for 5 hours, 7 days a week.


ElectrifAi’s FarmAi offered proprietary animal detection, tracking, and interaction models, as well as models for detecting and recording human-animal interaction, animal-to-animal behavior, and abnormal lone animal behavior. The solution operates 24x7, and had the ability to identify incidents far away in the video, not discernable by humans. In addition, FarmAi generates an incident report form for the reviewer to act, while leveraging user inputs to retrain the model and improve accuracy over time.


increase in coverage with no additional human involvement
Improved consistency and accuracy
Flexible deployment options (as-a-service or on-premises)