Enhanced productivity and maximized revenue for a leading broiler breeder, using Computer Vision to monitor behavior and outcomes

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A leading broiler breeder farm that supplied poultry products to 100+ countries, wanted to monitor the frequency of flock mating in barns to identify factors that would increase mating, successful hatching, and other key productivity parameters. The client wanted to maximize shipments from production farms, depots, and hatcheries based on the availability to optimize order fulfillments and improve revenue growth.


ElectrifAi’s FarmAi enabled the client to access live stream processing to track mating frequency on an hourly or daily basis. The solutions helped the client identify changes in mating frequency with data about the conditions in the farm, additives in food, and other likely sources of influence. In addition, EletrifAi implemented on-farm edge processing for efficient video analysis and insights generation. We also utilized Machine Learning to optimize egg allocation between production farms, depots, hatcheries, and customers.


increase in video monitoring coverage
estimated mating detection accuracy
Reduced dependence on human observation